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2005-09-02 06:39:06-:-The Lebanese Saj
Saad Issa, a widowed father of four young children, cooked wonderful meals for his family in Lebanon. When he came to Canada in 1995 he would cook these delicious meals for family and friends and everyone praised his cooking. Saad decided after working at several different jobs that he wanted to open a little restaurant and he called it "Issa's Saj House".

In ancient times bread was baked in a Tannour or on a Saj. A Tannour is a tradional clay oven and bread was pressed against its heated walls to bake. The Saj, believed to be a Lebanese invention, is an inverted steel dome placed on rocks with a fire burning beneath it. The bread was placed on the heated dome to bake.

Modern times have replaced these age-old baking methods with gas and electric Furins (ovens), but there are still a few places in the Middle-East where you can find traditional Tannour and Saj bread.

It is a truly delightful and unforgettable treat to experience a morsel of bread freshly baked as they did hundreds of years ago.

Issa's Saj House brings the taste of Lebanon to you with fragrant flatbreads, deliciously filled fatayers, mouthwatering sandwiches and other favorite Lebanese dishes.

Issa's Saj House hopes your eating experience will be as delightful and unforgettable as a bite of freshly baked Saj bread.