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MA'NOOSHES - Savory flatbreads topped in one of these delicious ways and baked fresh:
Ma'noosh b'Zaatar -
An aromatic blend of savory herbs & sesame seeds top this delicious traditional Middle-Eastern flatbread.
Ma'noosh b'Zaatar Khoudra -
A Ma'noosh b'Zaatar topped with fresh tomato, olives and mint. Onions by request only.
Ma'noosh b'Zaatar Labneh -
A Ma'noosh b'Zaatar topped with smooth and creamy yoghurt cheese
Ma'Noosh b'Zaatar Labneh Khoudra -
A Ma'Noosh b'Zaatar Labneh topped with fresh tomato, olives and mint
Ma'noosh b'Zaatar Jibni -
A Ma'noosh b'Zaatar topped with Issa'a Special Cheese Blend.
Ma'Noosh b'Zaatar Baad -
Ma'Noosh b'Zaatar topped with 2 eggs & baked.
Lahem b'Ajeen -
A fragrantly seasoned minced beef mixture tops this yummy flatbread.
Lahem b'Ajeen Jibni -
A Lahem b'Ajeen topped with Issa's Special Cheese Blend.
Jibni Ma'noosh -
Issa' Special Cheese Blend tops this favorite mouthwatering flatbread.
Halal Mortadella Jibni -
Halal processed meat and Issa's Special Cheese Blend
Ma'Noosh Djaj Jibni -
Seasoned chicken & Issa's Special Cheese Blend.
BBQ Chicken Ma'Noosh -
Seasoned chicken, BBQ sauce with tomatoes, onions and Issa's Special Cheese Blend.
Ma'Noosh Kishik -
A unique Middle-Eastern blend of aged yoghurt and burghul wheat with frsh tomatoes and onions.
Ma'Noosh Spanagh -
A delicious combination of seasoned spinach, onion & feta cheese blend
Labneh Ma'Noosh -
A freshly baked pita topped with cool, creamy yoghurt cheese.
Labneh and Honey Ma'Noosh -
A freshly baked pita topped with cool, creamy yoghurt cheese and a drizzle of honey.
Jibneh and Honey Ma'Noosh -
Issa's Special Cheese Blend Ma'Noosh with a touch of sweet honey.
Chocolate Delight -
A freshly baked flatbread topped with a creamy, chocolate hazelnut spread.
Chocolate Delight with Banana -
Our Chocolate Delight Ma'Noosh with banana slices.
Cinnamon Dream -
A freshly baked flatbread spread with butter & fragrant cinnamon-sugar
Garlic Cheese Bread -
Double delicious with Issa's Special Cheese Blend & Issa's Garlic Sauce
Savory Garlic Cheese Bread -
Issa's Garlic Cheese Bread topped with tomatoes, sumac & dried mint
back to top FATAYERS - Oven-baked Middle-East Turnovers
Fatayer Spanagh -
Fresh spinach seasoned just right fills this turnover.
$2.00 Each
Fatayer Lahem -
Seasoned ground beef with pine-nuts turnover.
Cheese Pocket -
Issa's Special Cheese Blend fills this delectable turnover.
Meat and Cheese Pocket -
Enveloped in this turnover is a combination of seasoned beef and lamb and Issa's Special Cheese Blend.
Chicken and Cheese Pocket -
Seasoned chicken and Issa's Special Cheese Blend filled turnover.
back to top PITA SANDWICHES & PLATES (Plates include Hummus, Salad, Mjadara Rice or Fries)
Falafel -
A vegetarian's delight of golden vegetable and bean rounds served with fresh and pickled toppings and Tahini Sauce.
$4.50 Plate: $7.99
Shawarma Lahem -
Aromatically marinated beef and lamb served with Tahini Sauce.
$5.50 Plate: $8.99
Shawarma Djaj -
Aromatically marinated chicken served with Garlic Sauce.
$5.50 Plate: $8.99
Chicken Wrapper Baked Pita -
A delicious taste sensation: A hot, freshly baked Chicken and Cheese filled pita topped with cool lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles and your choice of Garlic Sauce or Spicy Barbecue Sauce.
Panini -Style Chicken Sandwich -
Oven toasted seasoned chicken and garlic pita sandwich.
The Vegetarian's Choice -
3 Falafel, 1 Large Spinach Fatayer, & Pickles along with Hummus, Tabbouli, Mjadara, Sauce and Pita
Shawarma Mixed Plate Combo -
Our Chicken Shawarma and our Beef/Lamb Shawarma along with Hummus, Tabbouli, Mjadara, Sauce and Pita
Kibbi -
Baked Lean Ground Beef & Burghul Wheat Rounds Stuffed with Minced Beef & Toasted Pinenuts
$1.50 Each
Mjadara -
A superb dish of rice, lentils and browned onions that is yummy and good for you.
Small: $2.50 Large: $4.50
Hummus -
Traditional Middle-Eastern Chick Pea Dip. Smooth and oh so Yummy!
Small: $2.50 Large: $4.50
Baba Ghannouj -
A flavorful Dip or Spead made with Roasted Eggplant.
Small: $3.50 Large: $5.99
Tabbouli -
A delicious and nutritious salad of fresh parsley, tomatoes and burghul wheat.
Small: $3.00 Large: $5.00
Issa's Garlic Sauce -
Our creamy signature Garlic Sauce is a much requested favorite and now we have made it available to our customers. Perfect with grilled chicken, fish, vegetables, stir-fry or as a spread for Garlic Bread.
3.50 Small
Pita Chips -
An excellent crispy alternative to potato chips for snacking and dipping. Baked, not fried.
$3.00 Bag
back to top DESSERTS
Baklawa -
An unforgettable taste indulgence of deilicatley layered phyllo pastry and nuts.
2.00 Each
Tamariee -
Issa's unique Date and Coconut Dessert Squares.
2.00 Each
back to top BEVERAGES
Tea -
Lebanese Tea served with sugar optional.
Lebanese Coffee -
A small pot of Arabic Coffee served in demi-tasses.
Soft Drinks -
Can and bottled soft drinks.
Prices Vary.
Juice -
Can and bottle fruit juices and drinks.
Prices Vary
Yoghurt Drink -
A traditional Middle-Eastern drink made from yogurt. Cool and refreshing.
Tropical Juices -
Mango, Pineapple, Others
Prices Vary
back to top Special Orders and Catering
Special Orders and Catering -
Planning a party or get together? Our Ma'Noosh and Fatayers can be made in different sizes and shapes. Selections from our regular menu are also available at special pricing for your catering needs.
See Manager for details and pricing.
Catering Menu -
Also available for catering only: Warak Inib (Stuffed Grape Leaves), Kibbi (Meat and Pine-Nut Filled Beef and Wheat Rounds), Sambusiks (Mini meat, cheese or chicken turnovers) and Please free to ask if there is a special Lebanese dish you would like for your catered needs.
See manager for details, pricing and availabilty.
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